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The 2023 staff of North Canaan Ambulance. Your friends and neighbors all dedicated to serving in time of need:

Pamela Carlson 1997


Ron Carpenter 1988


Matt Devino 2000 - Deputy Chief/President

Brandy Devino 2022


Michael Galgano 2009 - Board of Directors


George Martin 1978- Assistant Chief of Operations


Donna Martin 2003- Board of Directors


Beth McGuire 2019 - Board of Directors


Pat McGuire 2019

Brooke Minacci 2015

Emily Minacci 1997 - Treasurer

Jonathan Minacci 

William Minacci 1989 - Chief of Service


Tamara Newell 2013


Kristopher Palmer 2003 - Vice President


Paul Rabeuf 2015

Julia Wilson 1995

Carol Zucco 1990 - Secretary


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For 47 years, when citizens or visitors to our community have fallen ill, suffered heart attacks or strokes, been injured in accidents the North Canaan Ambulance crews have been there to answer the call.

Originally an all volunteer staff, as times have changed and call volumes increased  we have added paid staff to supplement the volunteers.


We currently have 12 paid and 19 volunteer staff, (7 active EMTs/EMRs.) The fleet has grown from one ambulance to three and a non-transport paramedic response unit.


Our mission has always been to provide the highest quality  emergency care to our community.  This  comes with an ever increasing cost. While we do bill insurances for calls, the reimbursement is not keeping pace with the costs of medications and equipment.

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